Progresa's office in Parramos, Guatemala

Visiting Progresa for interviews

The Progresa offices are in the village of Parramos which is located about a half an hour from Antigua. While you are welcome to visit us at our offices at any time, there is really not much to see.  Our students are studying at schools all over the country and are usually not here.  Some of them come to the office for the monthly interview and to collect their checks, while others report in by telephone.  You could of course visit us on one of the days when students are picking up their checks but we won’t have much time to talk to you because we are usually very busy counseling the students.  If you are fluent in Spanish, you might consider attending the annual Student Conference which is usually held in late April or early May.

If you really want to get to know our students, your best bet is to participate in the Teaching English Experience.  During this work tour, you will get to know several students in depth.  If you are more interested in learning about Guatemala, and the rural areas in which our students live, you would be best served by taking our Highland Cultural Tour.  We no longer schedule this tour at specific dates, instead we put together specially organized tours for you and your F/friends.  If you have a group of six to twelve people who would like to have an in-depth tour of Guatemala, please contact us and we will work with you.