The teaching English experience is a one week (8 nights) work tour in which English-speaking volunteers come to Guatemala in order to teach English to our students. The teachers work one-on-one with our highly motivated students and have the opportunity to make deep, personal connections and share cultural perspectives while providing English lessons.

The teaching tours are held in Antigua, Guatemala at the Belen Convent, an historic structure run by the Sisters of Belen, a religious order which originated in Guatemala.

The morning classes take place in the beautiful convent gardens which invite teachers and students to walk around the grounds or sit and work at tables. In the afternoons, teachers and students continue their lessons as they explore the sights of historic Antigua.

The Teaching English Experience, is always rated "highly successful" by teachers and students alike. A large percentage of both teachers and students have chosen to participate more than once. The next Teaching English Experience is scheduled from January 3rd. to January 11th, 2018. The teaching tour will cost US$1,150 and includes room and board at Belén for both the teachers and their students and all expenses except for air fare.  We will also include pick up and delivery to the Guatemala City airport for those arriving and departing immediately before and after the conference. To make a reservation please email us at progresa3@gmail.com.

We have opened the possibility of making available a one day tour before the workshop or a longer tour to the highlands after the activity.  For more information about these possibilities please contact Donna Smith at dforestvil@aol.com