The Guatemala Friends Scholarship Program welcomes donations large or small. We depend entirely on your support. All donations should be made to Redwood Forest Friends Meeting (or simply RFFM) and are 100% tax deductible in the U.S.

Donations made by Check

Donations by check are always appreciated.  When you pay by check all of the money goes to Progresa. Checks should be made out to Redwood Forest Friends Meeting with the word Progresa in the memo section of the check or If you are sponsoring a specific student or sending money to one of our special funds please write the student or fund name in the memo section of the check. Mail checks to:

Redwood Forest Friends Meeting
Attn: Guatemala or Progrea
P.O. BOX 1831
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Donations using your Credit Card Via PayPal

By clicking the yellow donate button you will be directed to the PayPal Secure Payments page.  Although PayPal makes it look like you have to join them in order to use this service, it is not necessary.  If you don't want to join them just scroll down to the credit card information.

Secured by PayPal
We appreciate your help!

Donations made directly from your IRA or other financial Institution

This type of donation may be financially advantageous to you.  Seek advice from your tax professional.  Checks sent directly from a financial institution should be made out to RFFM Guatemala Scholarship Fund and mailed to the address above. Occasionally these checks arrive without the donor's name so please email our treasurer, Tim Thresh as soon as your institution mails the check.

Stock donations

Donations of stock certificates may be made through our RFFM broker TD Ameritrade using the RFFM account #: 426 487 362.  At the same time your institution makes a stock transfer please email our treasurer, Tim Thresh, at and RFFM's treasurer, Hubert Morel-Seytoux at advising them of the stock symbol, quantity and date of record for the transfer.

Why sponsor a specific student?

More and more of our donors are choosing to sponsor a specific student rather than just contributing to the general fund. Why? They like receiving the student letters, staff reports and photos which keep them more closely in contact with the progress of one particular person.  Sponsorship expenses generally range from $900 to $2000 for the entire 10 month school year which begins in January but if this amount is more than your budget will allow sponsorships can be share with two or more people.  If you are interested in exploring sponsorship email our director, Miguel Costop, at and let him know what type of student you are looking for and what you would be able to pay. We will send you the name and biographic information as well as expected expenses of one or more students so that you can make a decision about sponsoring that individual. 


For questions about donations, please contact Tim Thresh at (707) 329 6938)

For all other questions e-mail Miguel Costop  at:



Joe, Jaime and David swimming at Lake Atitlán

Other ways to support the Scholarship Program

Participate in one of our tours:
The Teaching English Experience or Guatemala Highlands

Amalia and ESL teacher?

Church at San Andrés Xecul

Student performing on the last night of the Teaching English Experience