Milton Rocael

Milton is a 21 year old student from La Libertad in the department of El Petén. The majority of its inhabitants are very poor as it is difficult to bring their crops to market. Milton’s life has been very difficult. His parents divorced when he was five years old and both of his parents started new lives with new partners. Milton lived with his mother for a short time but he was soon rejected by her and her new husband and he went to live with an uncle. Here too his life was difficult, not only did he have to work long hours in the fields, he was treated as “less than” his cousins. When he finished primary school his uncle told him that he couldn’t continue to study and he had to take a low paying job in a near-by farm.

He had always been an excellent student and luckily for him several of his teachers raised money to allow him to continue studying. Unfortunately this help didn’t last for long but when Milton learned of some nuns who ran a boarding school for poor children in Guatemala City, the teachers helped him to complete the application. He was accepted and completed his high school education in the capitol.

Milton is now working as a bank teller in Guatemala City and with our help has begun his studies in Business Administration at a Jesuit university. Milton is paying for his own room and board and in the first year received a 50% scholarship from the university and borrowed money from Progresa to pay the rest of his tuition. We are pleased for him that after his first semester his grades were so good that the university raised his scholarship to 75% of his tuition. He is very intelligent and we are sure he will do well in business administration because in addition to his intelligence we have found him to be very open and honest.  If he is able to keep his tuition scholarship he will need only $1000 per year to continue his studies.