Edgar Amilcar Chóc Morán --- NOW SPONSORED

Edgar's plans and dreams involve agriculture and forestry.  With his education, he hopes to find employment with a larger agricultural organization managing land use and agricultural or forestry practices, using his income to provide some economic relief for his family.  Once that is stabilized, he wants to return to his community to help improve agricultural practices and investigate options for raising crops other than corn and beans that might provide more economic benefit to the people living there.  He is a bright student with an engaging and cheerful personality, who has shown considerable leadership skills among his classmates.  For his first community service project, he worked teaching 4 groups students in 4th, 5th, and sixth grades planting test plots of a variety of vegetables: carrots, cabbage, radishes, cilantro, etc., using mulch and organic compost for fertilizer. Where most of the service projects are completed in a week or two, his lasted 4 months, from soil preparation and seeding, through maintaining soil moisture, controlling weeds and pests, and finally the harvest. 

Edgar was a participant in the most recent Teaching English or ESL Tour in Antigua Guatemala, where he also proved a bright student and a positive contributor to the program.